Cinnamon scone and a grande vanilla non-fat latte

"I'd like a cinnamon scone and a grande vanilla non-fat latte, please."  That was my Starbucks script just about every day for a year.  Of course I had to have non-fat milk in my latte, as if that was going to somehow make up for the 480 calorie scone I was consuming.  Before the scone... Continue Reading →


Walking Humbly Through the Looking Glass of Self-Righteousness

During my midlife crisis, which started when I was around 37 and ran well into my 40’s, I dove head first into spirituality, among other things.  I was determined to “find myself”! Kabbalah was one of the most significant teachings that came across my path, and I still live each day rooted in its principles.  As... Continue Reading →

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