Cinnamon scone and a grande vanilla non-fat latte

"I'd like a cinnamon scone and a grande vanilla non-fat latte, please."  That was my Starbucks script just about every day for a year.  Of course I had to have non-fat milk in my latte, as if that was going to somehow make up for the 480 calorie scone I was consuming.  Before the scone... Continue Reading →


Parallel Parking in a Diagonal World

How many times have you so badly wanted to fix something for your child because you could see the imminent pain looming around the corner headed in their direction?  But, you know deep down that overcoming challenges is just part of life and the key to growth, and that it’s not your job to fix... Continue Reading →

Walking Humbly Through the Looking Glass of Self-Righteousness

During my midlife crisis, which started when I was around 37 and ran well into my 40’s, I dove head first into spirituality, among other things.  I was determined to “find myself”! Kabbalah was one of the most significant teachings that came across my path, and I still live each day rooted in its principles.  As... Continue Reading →

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