Men are Like Buses???

Men are like buses
Mama would say
As one leaves your side
Another comes by

If that is the case
I’m happy to say
I’ll take a slightly seasoned one
Any day

I’d like one, please
That’s not prone to road rage
For that I am sure
Would eventually cause blockage

 I’d like a bus, please
That’s parts are reliable
Cause once in a while
Can make a girl maniacal

 I’d like a bus
With plenty of space
To love the many people
Who dwell in my space

Big, sturdy wheels
on a bus is essential
A solid foundation
would be so nice to rest on

 Showing up on time
And being dependable
The icing on the cake
I won’t be late

As this bus leaves
So another shall come
With eyes wide open
I will welcome it home


To live in fear, is to not believe

Faith so clear, how can I not achieve

I love you God, be with me

I feel your love, even in the trees

I fly so high, my thought and dreams

And yet my fears just seem to scream

All is well, I know deep down

Often though I seem to frown

Fears seem so real, I know they’re not

How to heal them right on the spot

To create all day, my heart would soar

Music, writing, sharing, and so much more

Spend my days filled with joy

Taking care of the little boys

A dream I hold so close to heart

I wish I knew where to start

One foot forward, just take a step

Where to go, what’s coming next

I’ve seen your miracles in my life

I know your power, I see your light

Guide me please, I’m here for you

Nothing more I’d rather do

Being true to myself, always a struggle

Others needs first, I seem to muddle

Happy to change, willing to learn

Your dreams for me, my main concern

Unsure and unclear, I hear my heart beat

Ready and willing, to hit the streets

I’m yours for always, happy to serve

Even if it means I have to swerve

Grateful for all, I know I’m blessed

From you I would expect nothing less

Please help me to share the light within

Right now is good, lets begin.

We just have to Care…


This world’s gone crazy
Just make’s no sense
The guns, the violence
The madness never ends

Kids being killed
in moments of thoughtlessness
Not paying any attention
Where’s the common sense

A world that’s become
so completely unaware
the lives of others
we just don’t care

You see it in the news
Day after day
It’s not my family
At least it’s not today

Mama’s losing babies
Daddies losing sons
One act without intention
Another family’s done

We get so busy living
Man I gotta run
What’s so damn important
Boom, there goes a son

What’s it gonna take
To really makes things right
A Love for one another
to change this awful plight

Compassion for each other
Learning how to share
It’s really very simple
We just have to care

Doing the Right Thing feels so Wrong…

Doing the right thing feels so wrong…

How can it be
That my love is so strong
And all the while
Our love is so wrong

My feeling for you
Cannot be explained
So deep in my heart
So deep in my soul

My heart aches so much
Thoughts of leaving you
The pain in my chest
Already miss you

My heart races so
When I think about calling
Hands are trembling
The words won’t come out

When we’re together
Feel so connected
When we’re apart
The pain begins to start

It feels so right
And yet so wrong
How can I love you
With an open heart

So confusing
Feelings so strong
So clear
The pain in my heart

Doing the right thing
Feels so wrong
Doing the right thing
Brings much light…


I Love how you Feel me…

Today is a blessing
Full of love and light
I love how you feel me
Mmmmm, so right

Our lips don’t quite touch
Yet I feel like part of you
Energy runs through me
Like that I never knew

I love the way you feel me
So deep in my heart
My soul longs for you
To become more than a part

I love how you feel me
Right down to my soul
Your hands so exact
Moving slowly down my back

I love how you feel me
You’re meant to be mine
Only time will tell
I have to resign

I’m missing you so
Yet I feel you inside
Can it be
Your heart is mine

Two pieces of one soul
Previously broken apart
Your heart and mine
Together in time

The sun and the moon
Like water and rain
Your lips on my lips
Your hand in mine

So grateful am I
To have found in your smile
The love of my life
There all the while

I’m Your’s Alright

Love is in the air,
don’t be shy,
hang on tight,
We’re gonna fly.

Wind blows the air
through your shirt so tight,
nipples hard,
you’re taking flight.

Love is spinning
far and wide,
like a top,
so fine.

Love surrounds,
the day so bright,
where to fall,
Feels so right.

Love is wild,
like a ride,
up and down,
can’t feel the ground.

Swaying, moving,
back and forth,
the pleasure shoots,
right through my heart.

Goosebumps, ahhhh-
what else to say,
skin so soft ,
all a glow.

Heart beats fast,
I’m yours my love,
mind is racing,
thoughts of love.

I’m yours right now,
body quivers,
feels so good,
a little closer.

So lucky baby,
I found you,
toes are curling,
your eyes so blue.

Sweat is dripping,
holding tight
hearts a beating,
Minds a flight.

Can’t think straight,
all thoughts dissolve,
Love flows through me,
I’m yours alright.