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Always a cerebral sort of girl – deep in thought, creating, thinking, contemplating. My cousin tells me when I was young I would look up at the sky and spin kstpicbwaround in circles, lost in my own world.  Some things never change (see Photography). Mix in a healthy dose of curiosity for people and their stories, and you get an accidental writer.  Shortly after losing my daughter, Sydnee, a publication approached me about writing my story, and a follow-up piece a year later when my son was born (healthy, thank God).  I had never even considered being a writer, especially since my grades in high school English were less than stellar. But every tragedy brings many gifts, and for me, writing came to me in the form of a gift from Sydnee. I’m grateful for my sweet angel.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, and have come through it all with grace and a sense of humor, eventually.  I have learned to find peace within myself, to feel everything life has to offer and to move through life with a new perspective.

I am a treasure hunter devoted to finding the gifts in all things, people and circumstances that flow through our lives.  I teach others to see the gifts as life unfolds.  Having come to a crossroads after the loss of my daughter, I found myself in the spiritual lane and I haven’t looked back.  My regular yoga and meditation practices keep me sane.  I have a background in print journalism and have spent much of my time in the corporate world, however my true love is in this blog, Just Breathe, where you’ll find a series of raw and honest stories of my past blended with spiritual lessons I’ve acquired from the countless teachers I’ve been blessed to know including Byron Katie, my Kabbalah teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer and my greatest teachers, my children.

Consider allowing me to help you learn what took me too many years, and too much suffering, to learn.  Let’s find your new perspective, and get on the path to peace.  I look forward to hearing from you!

With love,


Email me @ icanjustbreathe@gmail.com for an appointment.


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