The Just Pack One Box Theory – Getting out of our own Way

It was 2010, and I was sitting in my beautiful, peaceful backyard, like so many other days, except this beautiful, sunny day was different.  On this day, I was contemplating being thrown out of my house.  I had two children to feed, and three weeks to find a job and a new place to live.... Continue Reading →


Syndee – Big Loss #10

The greatest gifts in my life have come in the form of breast cancer, foreclosure, crazy bosses, my drug and sex addicted father, who passed away when I was ten years old, my ex-husband, my children, Jake and Jonah, and their sister, Sydnee, who died two days shy of her due date. One might ask... Continue Reading →

No Thanks in Giving – Why the Holidays Bring Relationships to a Boiling Point

There were 18 of us peacefully sitting around the Thanksgiving table enjoying our favorite meal together, the way we did every year; joking around, making fun of each other and eating a delicious, carbolicious meal.  This year was different though; this was the Thanksgiving blowout of 2008! It all started when my sister had her... Continue Reading →

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