Spirituality 2

Taking care of Yourself and Others

Have compassion for others. We ALL have great gifts and things that we are good at. We also ALL have things that come as a challenge to us. Respect that there are things that others will not be great at and things that they are working on. Nobody is great at everything! On that same note, appreciate the gifts that you have been given and be compassionate towards yourself for those things that you need to work on. Don’t expect to be perfect today, just work towards doing better each day. Some days you will do better and some days you won’t, it’s your intension that really matters.

Listen. When somebody else is talking, take a deep breath and listen. It takes far less effort to sit and listen than it does to try to think of a great comeback. Sit and relax and let them say what they need to say. You’ll be really helping somebody by just being a listening ear. Most people know what they need to do and really don’t need your advice. This was a hard lesson for me because I thought people were coming to me for advice and most of the time they really didn’t need it, they knew exactly what they needed to do and just needed to talk it out.

You don’t really need to be right all the time. I know this is shocking for some because it was for me. I spent 40 years absolutely convinced that I was always right. It is such a relief to not have to be; being right all the time is exhausting! It cracks me up now because I can only imagine how many times I wasn’t. In the end, the quality of the relationship is far more important than being right. Now I don’t even care if I am right or wrong and as a result I have way more energy because I’m not spending all of my energy trying to convince others I am right. Sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not, but that really doesn’t matter unless I am doing surgery or saving a life.

Don’t settle, you are worthy of everything you desire.


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