Men are Like Buses???

Men are like buses
Mama would say
As one leaves your side
Another comes by

If that is the case
I’m happy to say
I’ll take a slightly seasoned one
Any day

I’d like one, please
That’s not prone to road rage
For that I am sure
Would eventually cause blockage

 I’d like a bus, please
That’s parts are reliable
Cause once in a while
Can make a girl maniacal

 I’d like a bus
With plenty of space
To love the many people
Who dwell in my space

Big, sturdy wheels
on a bus is essential
A solid foundation
would be so nice to rest on

 Showing up on time
And being dependable
The icing on the cake
I won’t be late

As this bus leaves
So another shall come
With eyes wide open
I will welcome it home


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