To live in fear, is to not believe

Faith so clear, how can I not achieve

I love you God, be with me

I feel your love, even in the trees

I fly so high, my thought and dreams

And yet my fears just seem to scream

All is well, I know deep down

Often though I seem to frown

Fears seem so real, I know they’re not

How to heal them right on the spot

To create all day, my heart would soar

Music, writing, sharing, and so much more

Spend my days filled with joy

Taking care of the little boys

A dream I hold so close to heart

I wish I knew where to start

One foot forward, just take a step

Where to go, what’s coming next

I’ve seen your miracles in my life

I know your power, I see your light

Guide me please, I’m here for you

Nothing more I’d rather do

Being true to myself, always a struggle

Others needs first, I seem to muddle

Happy to change, willing to learn

Your dreams for me, my main concern

Unsure and unclear, I hear my heart beat

Ready and willing, to hit the streets

I’m yours for always, happy to serve

Even if it means I have to swerve

Grateful for all, I know I’m blessed

From you I would expect nothing less

Please help me to share the light within

Right now is good, lets begin.


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