I’m Your’s Alright

Love is in the air,
don’t be shy,
hang on tight,
We’re gonna fly.

Wind blows the air
through your shirt so tight,
nipples hard,
you’re taking flight.

Love is spinning
far and wide,
like a top,
so fine.

Love surrounds,
the day so bright,
where to fall,
Feels so right.

Love is wild,
like a ride,
up and down,
can’t feel the ground.

Swaying, moving,
back and forth,
the pleasure shoots,
right through my heart.

Goosebumps, ahhhh-
what else to say,
skin so soft ,
all a glow.

Heart beats fast,
I’m yours my love,
mind is racing,
thoughts of love.

I’m yours right now,
body quivers,
feels so good,
a little closer.

So lucky baby,
I found you,
toes are curling,
your eyes so blue.

Sweat is dripping,
holding tight
hearts a beating,
Minds a flight.

Can’t think straight,
all thoughts dissolve,
Love flows through me,
I’m yours alright.


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