Chasing the Sunset

Driving down the road, out of the corner of my eye I spot a beautiful sun setting somewhere to the west. The thought enters my head “Is it more important to get to where I am going to or to capture this beautiful sunset on camera?” Truth be told, I usually opt for the sunset. It drives me crazy to know I missed a really good sunset. In fact, one day I hope to live on a lake so I can catch even more sunsets.

So many times in life we rush here, rush there and we miss the beauty that surrounds us. There really is beauty everywhere and we don’t see it because we are busy being busy.

I have spent the past few years taking photos of sky’s, water and sunsets, not with any goal in mind but just because I love nature and its calming effects. One day it dawned on me that every time I look up at the sky, which is often, it looks completely different from the last time I looked. In fact, I noticed that it changes constantly and it never seems to look the same except for when the sky is completely blue, and even then, sometimes it’s a different shade of blue.

So I had to ask myself, “How is it possible that there is a completely unique, beautiful work of art in the sky every time I look up? And how then can I doubt that there is an energy greater than myself creating it if that’s the case?

Take a moment each day to look up and see the beauty that is our world. It’s easy to focus on what’s right here in front of our faces but when we do we miss out on what’s outside of our “movie”. Look up and remind yourself to look around and see what’s out there, you will be amazed once you start paying attention.

In the meantime, here is what I saw once I started paying attention. I hope it inspires you to get your head back into the clouds.

sky collage

Head in the Clouds

Pay attention young lady

Get your head out of the clouds

You have work to get done

Your parents will be proud

Hurry up mommy

We’re gonna be late

Soccer is starting

Promptly at eight

The speed limit’s 40

What’s the big rush

The streets are so crowded

Way too much on the schedule

Work and kids

Football and ballet

Showers and homework

What am I forgetting

Laundry and groceries

Dinner and lunches

Baby is crying

I’m feeling nauseous

The day keeps on moving

Beauty surrounds us

My day is so structured

I haven’t been looking

Take a deep breath

Open your eyes

So simple

Gaze at the sky

Beauty is everywhere

We just have to notice

So simple

Be grateful.


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