Thoughts on Love

Know your limitations and others limitations won’t affect you as much.

Be wise; be aware of your mind and its thoughts. So many not true; question all thoughts that cause stress or confusion.

If you find yourself judging someone, look into their eyes. You will see a different picture. Set the judgment free. Blow on it like a butterfly flying out of your hand. Create a new message in its place, one of love and light to both of you. There is love inside each and every one of us. Find the love that exists inside another. You may need to dig but it’s there like a hidden treasure. Once you find it you’ll be surprised by the light within dying to get out –help it! Look for the good, the shred of yarn that you can pull on to leads you to the love inside. One small piece can lead to great things and lightness and shifting in the universe. Tip the scales to love.



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