Looking Forward

Life has ups and downs and when we’re down a new route is there to guide us to stay on our path. We are free to get off but we eventually get guided back to the path we supposed to be on. We have choices, of course, but ultimately there’s one way to truly go-forward. Keep looking ahead, no point looking back or to the sides, just stay on path to light and freedom of your soul. Let it be free to fly and sore and go where it needs to go and enjoy the ride. It knows where to go and how to get you there. If you go off course it knows the way back. Just listen deep in your gut and you will know. Don’t ignore it, honor it. There is a reason for everything. Know that it’s always for the best and go with it. Find the gold in every situation, it’s there to teach and guide us. Don’t be afraid-it’s all part of the plan. Believe in your strength and courage it’s always there whether you access it or not. You are fully equipped for anything good or bad; it’s all got purpose.


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