Sprituality 4

Love, Love, Love

Trust your intuition. We all have something in us that guides us that people call intuition, guidance, inner voice, etc. If you are unsure about something, get quite and see what the feeling is and what it is trying to tell you. Your body has been speaking to you for as long as you have been alive, you just may not have been listening. You may get stomach aches all the time, or headaches, get crabby, frustrated or any number of things. For me, it’s my stomach. I now know that if my stomach doesn’t feel right I need to rethink something. Once I make the change that I need to make I start to feel better. Listen to your inner voice and trust that it will always tell you the right thing to do. It may not be the answer you are hoping for, but it is what is true for you and your best interest in that moment.

Do what you love. Oprah has been telling people this for years. Make a list of the things you have always loved. Now make a list of the things that make you really mad. Is there anything you can do that you love that would solve something that upsets you? For example, I love being with kids and helping kids. It upsets me that some kids cannot play sports because their parents were laid off. As a result of both, I started a charity to help kids stay in sports. I love the work and I love to make a change in the world that reflects the thing that made me mad. It doesn’t have to be a charity; it can be just about anything that excites you and would make you jump out of bed in the morning to go there. These days you can go outside the box and create a career out of almost anything.

Encourage your loved ones even if you don’t believe that they can do what it is that you are encouraging them to do. There are times when someone looks to us for encouragement and we are thinking “Oh boy, there is no way this person can do this.” There is no harm in encouraging them and wishing them the best. For one thing, we don’t have any idea what they can or cannot do. Secondly, our encouragement may actually be the catalyst that gets them to actual do it. Miracles happen every day and why not be part of helping a person be the best they can be. The worst that happens is you encouraged them and they still didn’t do it, nothing lost.

Compliment others. If you notice something about another person that’s nice, let them know. Many people like if they compliment somebody that makes them less. For instance I used to tell people that my sister was pretty and she is. People would always respond “Well you are too.” I was giving my sister a sincere compliment not fishing for one. People need to feel good about themselves. A simple smile and a sincere compliment can make a world of difference in another person’s life.

Tell the people you love that you love them. Don’t assume that they know or that telling them once is enough. People want to know that they are loved often. It doesn’t take any effort to say I love you or I appreciate you.

Find the joy!

Find joy in your life and bring joy to others. Start each day with the intention of bringing joy to the lives of the people you come in contact with. You will be surprised how fun life can be when that is your mission. Replace “Today I must make enough money to pay my bills” with “Today I must bring joy to at least three people.” Something happens when you do this where joy comes back into your life even without that being your goal. Also live your life making sure you find joy in it. If you are spending your days doing something you despise, either stop it (if you have that option) or find something you really love to do to offset it until you can stop doing it.

To sum it up, being spiritual is very likely what you are already doing and working on. These are simple concepts and at the end of the day you want to be proud of the decisions you made and know that if you aren’t there is always tomorrow to try again.

My number one resolution is to bring joy to the lives of the people I come in contact with. My hope is to become a better listener, to appreciate the amazing gifts that are in my life, to trust my intuition, to do what I love on a regular basis, to spend more quality time with my kids and to consistently find ways to make the world a better place.


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