Baby Girl You’re not Alone

Baby girl,
you’re not alone,
never were,
never could be.

I’m here with you,
all the time,
arms a glow,
And full of love.

I am yours,
for eternity,
like sparks of gold,
and full of flow.

We’re on a ride,
and I can steer,
or you can try,
you decide.

I know what’s best,
beyond your dreams,
can take you there,
A wish we share.

I love you so,
and want for you,
all I know,
you truly are.

We have a big plans,
now let it go,
and I shall take you,
to and fro.

To places you
have never dreamed,
full of life,
and full of love.

Hold on now,
my baby girl,
can’t wait to show you,
what’s ahead.

Don’t be scared,
I’ve got your hand,
the past is over,
don’t look back.

The days of struggle,
are surely gone,
doubt and fear,
shame and lack.

All is good,
from this day forward,
My dreams for you,
are coming true.



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