I want to be me!

I want to be me. Who else could I be?
Why is it so hard to let me be me?

If only you were taller, if only you were thinner,
just a little more makeup, then you’ll be a winner.

I want to be me, the me I used to be.
Why is it so hard to set myself free?

If only I were smarter, if only I were funnier,
then I would certainly see the world as sunnier.

God made us all unique, each one of us essential.
Each one of us a gift, with infinite potential.

We all have a purpose, nobody’s excluded.
Each piece like a puzzle, all equally included.

I want to be me. I believe I can be.
It’s time to have faith, and let go of my fears.

I’ll spread my wings and open my heart.
Gratitude and faith will carry me far.

The greatness inside has waited for years,
to witness the real me finish my tears.

So much life to be lived, and love to be loved.
So much to share. We just have to care.

So lead by example, and others will see.
your truth is the only real way to be.

To have it all, and to change the world,
To be the light, to help us all.

I’m gonna be me. That’s the only way it can be.
I’ll seek peace from within, and love who I am.

I’ll love who I’m not, or will ever be,
And know in the end, I will truly be free.


4 thoughts on “I want to be me!

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  1. You can’t be any body else but yourself because everybody else is already taken
    amazing article thanks for sharing.

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