Love is Blind

Let’s go deep

I’m here for you

My love holds strong

I can’t live without you

I’m in your thoughts

And in your prayers

You’re loving me

So clear to see

Let’s be close

Closer than close

Let’s make love

over and over

I’m in your heart

You’re in mine too

Can’t live without you

And that’s the truth

Our love is blind

We just can’t see

The ones we’re hurting

You and me

Can’t see the hurt

That sits inside

The ones at home

Our cross to bear

Our love’s so strong

We just can’t stop

To see the pain

that is within

How can it be

A love so true

Exist between me and you

A love that hurts

The ones at home

And somehow

Just cannot be denied

I love you so

Your love’s so bright

My worlds alive

Because you’re in it

You love me too

How can this be

God put us together

For eternity

Soul mates for certain

So deeply connected

How can this be

With all the lives that are affected

I’m here with you

Right by your side

Through thick and thin


Growing old together

That is the goal

Hurting nobody

Along the way

I pray


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