A Little Poem About Love

They told me I was way too picky, waiting around for you. But I knew something they didn’t; I knew you’d be here soon.

I knew that you would make me laugh when I was feeling blue, Knew you’d know just what I need, even when I didn’t.

I knew that you would understand me in a way nobody has, from the moment that you touched me, I knew that I was yours.

You love me most when I am me; don’t want me to change a thing, You taught me to love myself, and that ain’t no big thing.

I love you for the man you are and for the boy you used to be. I love the spirit inside of you and the light you bring out in me.

I love the smile you bring to my face, and the laugh I thought I lost. I love the way my body quivers when your lips are close to mine.

I love how you think with your heart and know how to be true. I love the way I feel so calm, sitting quietly there with you.

I love the way your strength makes me feel so safe. I love the way you hold me close, my heart begins to race.

I love that you’re my best friend, the one that is forever. I’ve known you for a lifetime or two, I am truly grateful for you.

I love you so deep down inside, Baby, I just want to say thank you.


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